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About Storak EG

Stork AG is a leading company in designing and creating e-commerce websites and electronic platforms, as we began our journey in websites and electronic stores in 2020. The company offers its services to help you create your website and online store effortlessly, ensuring that you begin your e-commerce journey with ease. Their dedicated team designs and creates the perfect website or entire online store for your brand. And when you choose from a wide variety of premium templates, you are sure that your website will look amazing on all devices. Their highly experienced team begins preparing the website or online store to help launch it as soon as possible, so you can take your first steps towards a successful e-commerce journey. With Stork AG, creating your online store and website will become easier!
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Storak EG services

تصميم المواقع الالكترونية | انشاء مواقع اكترونية | تصميم مواقع الكترونية خدمة من شركة تصميم متاجر الكترونية

website design

تسريع المواقع الالكترونية

Speed up the website

برمجة المتاجر الالكترونية | انشاء متاجر الكترونية | تصميم متاجر الكترونية

Programming stores

تحليل المواقع الالكترونية خدمة من شركة تصميم متاجر الكترونية

Website analysis

تحسين محركات البحث (SEO) | سيو خدمة من شركة تصميم متاجر الكترونية

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

الدعم الفني والالكتروني للمتاجر والمواقع الالكترونية خدمة من شركة تصميم متاجر الكترونية


50% discount on website analysis

Why choose Storak EG?

Because we always strive to satisfy you, we also provide you with:

Design compatible with all screens
Website security certificate (SSL)
5 Business emails
Optimize the site for search engines
Speed up the website/online store
Free technical support

We specialize in creating online stores

منصات المتاجر الالكترونية التي نتعامل معاها

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Download now your comprehensive guide to creating an online store and start your e-commerce journey, and enjoy websites and online stores with many features.

Exhibition of works by Storak EG | Online store design company

Here is some of our work in programming and designing websites and electronic stores.